21 December 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Bardot Polka Dot High Heels by Red or Dead

So I was watching E! Fashion Police the other day, and they declared that the platform is dead. Apparently nobody is wearing them on the red carpet any more. Nobody!

To which I reply:

Obviously nobody has told the shops, because platform shoes are alive and well in their hundreds. Thank goodness - because I love me a good platform (which I think you already know). Aside from looking so damn good, they're just so much more comfortable on the balls of your feet.

What about you my pretties? Is the platform dead to you? Or will you continue to wear them in direct defiance of E!'s Fashion Police? If you're feeling defiant the Red or Dead Bardot Polka Dot Platform Heel is £70 from Schuh.


  1. This pair of high is really pretty.This is a good choice for those girl who want to enhance their personality and height.I really like to wear such type of high heels.

  2. The shoes look amazing!

    BTW I tagged you in my Top 10 Awards!


  3. Very cute shoe! I like platforms, but I don't wear them because I am already 5'8"!! When I wear heels I am close to six feet, so with a platform, I would be a Goliath! lol.

  4. wow those are high! cute though, for sure, i love polka dots :)
    have a happy holiday!

  5. Sarah: I'm 5' - platforms are a godsend for me!

    Charles: You too! Thank you. xx