19 December 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Betty Knit Dress from Fever London

One shop I didn't get to check out on our trip to England last year was Fever London. I did see a couple of their dresses in a boutique in Leamington Spa when I met up with the gorgeous Lauren of The Zombie Wears Vintage and they really are stunning.

Next year Eccentric English Boyfriend and I are planning another trip to England, so you can bet Fever will be on my Must See (and Buy All the Stuff) List. And this dress will be one of the ones to try on if it's still in stock:

Cute, huh? There are two other colourways in the Betty Dress (pink/blue and black/camel) but this red/white/blue colourway known as Bardot is my favourite. It's crying out for a beret and a baguette and a gorgeous frenchman. Or maybe just the gorgeous Frenchman. I don't want to be too demanding.

The Betty Dress in Bardot colourway is currently £49.99 on sale from Fever London.


  1. Love the simple yet fashionable dress...it is very attractive and accessories can make it pretty gorgeous.

  2. WAY behind on seeing this post (how did I miss it?!) but just saying, you ARE visiting me when you come over. NO CHOICE, I'm afraid...