15 December 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Starry Starry Night Pendant from Kaelin Design

Did you know there is a type of stone called "Druzy"? I'm not making this up, it's an actual thing. Here's a description of how it is formed from the Kaelin Designs website:

"Druzy stones [...] are the result of a stone cooling more quickly on the outside than the inside when it is formed from its near molten state. Nearly every stone that exists has the potential to have a small section of "druse", or "druzy" in its matrix. Many druzy stones are naturally colored due to the inherent qualities of the stone [...]. Occasionally, however, the stone in question, while having excellent druzy crystal structure, lacks the beautiful colors that appeal to many people. In this case, a stone artisan will take the cabochon and a piece of metal such as titanium, gold, or platinum and vaporize the metal which will permanently deposit itself onto the surface of the stone. When using a metal like titanium, the stone artist can control the resulting coloration by the type and amperage of electrical current he uses to vaporize the metal. Some of the variations possible in titanium include blue, purple, gold, green, and every combination in between."

All of which makes for something quite pretty:

Can you imagine the conversation? "What's that stone?" "It's a Druzy." "Yes it is, but what type of stone is it?" Hours of entertainment.

The Starry Starry Night Pendant is US$85.00 from Kaelin Designs.

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  1. Thank you very much! Druzies are some of my favorite stones. :)