07 February 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Blackboard Pendant Necklace by Artisan Jouel

This blackboard pendant necklace is an awesome idea.

I would use it like  real-life Twitter, and update my status on it throughout the day: "The lady beside me is wearing a hideous jumper." "Lady in the hideous jumper just read my necklace and she looks grumpy." "Running away from angry lady in hideous jumper."

The blackboard pendant necklace is NZ$35.00 from Artisan Jouel on felt.co.nz.


  1. Absolutely brilliant!!!! Great post & nice blog! Have a great week.


  2. That is such a cute idea!! I'd imagine i'd just draw lots of mustaches on it though :D

  3. Literal laugh-out-load. I like you.


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