24 March 2017

Rimmel Ava-A-Bit of Jade

I love Rimmel polishes. They have a lovely range of colours at a good mid-range price, and their brushes are the very best in my opinion; flat, not too wide, and with a curved tip that fits perfectly around the cuticles. Because I have very small nails (being a very small person) many of the flat brushes are too wide for my nails and if their tips are cut straight across it can be very difficult to get a nice curve around the cuticle. The Rimmel brush is the perfect size, I can almost cover my pinky nail in one stroke.

Ava-A-Bit of Jade has a dreadful, clumsy name, but it is a gorgeous colour.

Dark teal cream formula, two coats to full coverage. Love it.

Fair warning though, this one stains when you remove it. My nails after removal looked like I had murdered a leprechaun*.

* No leprechauns were harmed in the removal of this polish.