18 March 2017

ünt SYO55

ünt is a brand I had never previously heard of, until my daughter bought me a bottle of their peel-off base coat for Christmas, which came with a free bottle of polish. (Side note: peel-off base coat is the best thing ever for under glitter polishes, and is worthy of a post of its own. Which I'm sure will happen at some stage.)

ünt SYO55

Yes, I'm aware of the smoodge on my middle finger, sometimes I forget that even my trusty quick-dry Seche Vite top coat isn't instantaneous, and it's best to wait more than two or three minutes before trying to use my nails as tools!

I would call this a blackened-teal shimmer, and a close inspection of the formula reveals that it is actually a black jelly base so tightly packed with blue and green shimmer particles that the jelly base is essentially invisible. A real stunner of a colour, especially in daylight, with a shift to navy blue when viewed from the side. Love it (although it's a bit of a shame they didn't bother to give it a name, SYO55 doesn't really roll off the tongue.)

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