28 July 2009

It's just not fair

Oh how I wish I either lived in America, or Sephora shipped to New Zealand. Actually probably the latter would be best, moving to America on the basis of one nail polish collection is possibly a little impractical. But then, you should see the nail polish collection:

Blues, greens AND greys. Damn you Sephora, damn you! I want these so very, very much!

That is the Mermaid in the Shade limited edition collection from Sephora by O.P.I. The colours in the picture are (as far as I can tell) left top to bottom: Underwater Fantasy (shimmering light cornflower blue), Mermaid to Order (shimmering deep green blue), Just a Fairy-tail (silver and iridescent shimmer); centre: Ocean Love Potion (mediterranean turquoise); right top to bottom: Blue Grotto (deep ocean), Lagoon-a Beach (shimmering pale blue) and Water Baby (opaque molten silver).

Ocean Love Potion doesn't feature in the six listed as comprising the collection, but I'm pretty sure that's it in the photo. Whatever, they're gorgeous and I want them all. US$9.00 a bottle from Sephora, go and buy them you lucky lucky American pretties and then tell me what they're like!


  1. You and me both...look how pretty they are. Ahhh. No chance of getting them in the UK either. Boooo.

  2. I totally and absolutely agree! Stupid Sephora doesn't ship to Germany either and I hate them for that.. I would be such a good customer! Damn, damn, damn... :(

  3. I wonder if they realise how many customers they're missing out on? I would say it's their loss but, well, I WANT those polishes!