21 May 2009

A new favourite

I've always been a firm believer that price doesn't necessarily dictate quality when it comes to cosmetics. That said, and despite my recent disappointment with an offering from M.A.C., I've also tended to favour the more expensive brands of nail polish because in general their application and wear are superior to drug store brands. However, a recent post from Michelle over at All Lacquered Up turned me on to the polishes by Barry M, a UK-based cosmetics company whose products are definitely at the cheaper end of the spectrum. I ordered several bottles from their website recently, and I am SO impressed. The colours are gorgeous, the application is brilliant and they wear well. Most are opaque in two coats, they go on easily and don't streak.

My current favourite is Turquoise, a gorgeous, cheerful light blue that reminds me of the colour of the Twitter logo (seriously!).

International delivery is GBP8 which isn't exactly cheap, but given that the polishes are only GBP2.95 each it's well worth it if you order several polishes at once. And I will definitely be making a point of buying LOTS of them when we go to England next year (did I mention we're going to England next year?), orders happily taken, small commission charged. In the meantime you can purchase them from the website, or if you're lucky enough to live in England you'll find a stockist near you.

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  1. Isn't there a M.A.C store in Henderson? Or was that St Lukes? I've got one of their lipsticks that I absolutely love but very rarely get the chance to use.