13 June 2009

Best ever celebrity couple and associated merchandise

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer recently announced that they are dating and fans were, well, completely unsurprised. Seriously, talk about chemistry (and that's just from following their Tweets!). Anyway it led to the following conversation between the Eccentric English Boyfriend and me:

EEB: Did you see Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are dating?
Me: Yeah, there go my chances with Neil Gaiman ... I mean ... well ... ummmm ... you know ... not that ... ummmm
EEB: Yeah, there go my chances with Amanda Palmer too.

So in celebration of the best ever celebrity couple, here's their collaboration book Who Killed Amanda Palmer, words by Neil Gaiman and deadness by Amanda Palmer: pre-order it here.

And from Neil Gaiman's NeverWear site, this t-shirt. 10 Year Old Boy looked at me like I'd gone crazy when I said I wanted to get this for him. Fine then, I'll just get it for me!

And finally, this Amanda Fucking Palmer tshirt. I bought one of these when we saw her live recently here in Auckland, and I always get comments when I wear it. Buy it here.

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