06 June 2009

How to entertain a bunch of teenage girls

13 Year Old Girl had a bunch of friends over today, and the three girls present were keen to get their nails done (as always) so we decided to try a little nail art. One of the nail polish blogs I follow (I can't remember which one unfortunately so I can't credit her for the idea) posted recently about using blue painter's tape for nail art, and what do you know it's brilliant. Unlike most of the french tip guides I've tried it doesn't pull up the polish underneath or leave sticky residue behind and it can be cut into all sorts of shapes. We thought we'd try something basic for a start, so all the girls had two-colour diagonal designs and here are the results:

Click on the pic for a closer look at the design.

Shannon and Lizzy are wearing Maybelline Wet Shine Pink Crush and Kit Big Bang, and Nikita is wearing Nicole by OPI (bought off TradeMe and the name has been peeled off but I think it's either I've Got the Power or Stolen Kisses) and OPI Light My Sapphire. The two pinks on Shannon and Lizzy's nails didn't show up so well in the photo, in real life the difference between the shocking pink of Pink Crush and the magenta of Big Bang was much more obvious. The blue black of Light My Sapphire over the Nicole polish was very dramatic on Nikita's nails. Aren't my girls gorgeous!

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