18 June 2009

I may be obsessive but at least my polishes are well organised

I am a constant source of amusement to the Eccentric English Boyfriend. Which is understandable, my capacity for doing/saying silly things knows no bounds. But one of the things that amuses him the most is that I have a tendency to be a little, shall we say, obsessive about organising things. Now I maintain that this is not a bad thing. Seriously when it comes to organising things I am Queen!

And how do I keep track of all the nail polishes on my wishlist (and believe me there are lots)? Why with a fabulously organised spreadsheet of course:

You might have to click on the photo to enlarge it and see it in all it's glory, and that's not even half of it, there's several more screens worth. It's sorted into columns by brand, and under each brand are two columns for the polish name and a swatch picture, so each time I see a polish I like on one of the many nail polish blogs I follow I can paste the swatch into my spreadsheet. The yellow cells are polishes that I have ordered, I initially thought about deleting them once the polish has arrived, but then I thought perhaps I could keep them in the spreadsheet and eventually add all the polishes I own so that it becomes a catalogue of my polishes. And then I could order the brands alphabetically across the top, because that will make it easier to find them. And probably the polishes too, they could be alphabetical by name. And then, I could totally add a third column under each brand for comments about the polishes' application when I've tried them on. And then, and then ...

Oh, excuse me, got a little excited there, feeling the need to go organise something ...

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  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being organised, just as long we you REMEMBER to be organised, which is usually my problem!
    Like I mentioned on Twitter, keeping a diary isn't a problem, it's REMEMBERING to keep it that is! LOL

    That spreadsheet looks awesome! I was having trouble visualising it when you described it to me on Tuesday, but now it's clicking, and I am impressed!