10 June 2009

Pretty polishes from Butter London

Michelle over at All Lacquered Up has blogged about Miley Cyrus' gorgeous teal nails at the recent MTV Movie Awards. Her colour apparently is Artful Dodger, by Butter London. This is a new brand for me, so I had to go and check them out. Their polishes have received good reviews, are Big 3 Free, and there are some truly gorgeous colours in the collection, but at GBP12 each they're not exactly cheap. However it turns out Artful Dodger is part of their Spring Fashionista's Favourites gift pack for GBP38, which works out to GBP7.60 per bottle, still not cheap (especially once I add the postage to New Zealand onto that) but oh so very, very tempting.

Here is the collection, can you see why I am tempted?

Left to right the colours are (with Butter London's descriptions):
Blowing Raspberries: Rich, delicious berry lacquer. Perfect for in-between days when red is too much and pink is too little;
Muggins: Not your mother’s lilac. A opaque shade that’s pale, but packs a punch;
The Old Bill: Burnished copper with a beautiful antique patina. For sophisticated metal heads;
Artful Dodger: This true teal is a show-stopper. High fashion and so unique, it’s the perfect way to wear this trend without over kill;
Cheeky Chops: Why no, I do not have a banana in my pocket, but I am happy to see you.

I am particularly coveting Cheeky Chops (and I'm not normally a huge fan of yellow), and The Old Bill and Artful Dodger and ... well all of them actually.

What do you think, should I buy them? They're available here, and if you've tried them or other Butter London products I'd love to know what you think.


  1. Hi

    Your blog is very pretty :) I've just found you through Helen and Sheenie's nice things blog.

    I've reviewed one of the Butter London polishes, with a pic on my blog - Macbeth, a coral/red. They're lovely colours, but they need a good topcoat to help with wear and the lids are a pain (they're changing them.)

    Rescue Beauty Lounge has some v good colours too.

  2. Thanks for reading Grace :) Love your blog too. The Eccentric English Boyfriend has promised me the Spring Fashionista set as a reward for giving up smoking, so I'm working towards it. Knowing my luck it'll be out of stock by the time I get round to ordering it! Rescue Beauty Lounge have some gorgeous colours don't they? I'm coveting Bikini Bottom and I wish I'd gotten in during their recent half price sale.