11 June 2009

Pretty pretty clothes: Kitty Bridges

When Kath Bridges was working as a fashion designer's assistant she dreamed of one day having her own clothing label. Luckily for us she took the plunge and followed her dream because the clothes Kath now produces under the Kitty Bridges label are gorgeous and quirky and utterly covetable.

According to Kath her designs are influenced by her love of Victoriana, Japanese street fashions, music and her cat Squeek.

In a collection of t-shirts and hoodies printed with Kath's own stunning designs, skirts lifted well beyond the ordinary by beautiful embellishments and pretty, pretty dresses my particular favourite is the Graveyard Dress from the Spring-Summer collection 08-09, pictured below modelled by Gemma Clark.

Click here to visit the Kitty Bridges website and see more. New Zealand shops selling Kitty Bridges can be found on the stockists page, and for overseas buyers and New Zealanders who don't have a stockist in their city Kath also takes orders through the website.

1 comment:

  1. I really REALLY want that skirt and top! I think I could pull it off too!