12 June 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: pretty underwear by Marie Jo

When we were in London in 2007, the Eccentric English Boyfriend insisted that I should experience Rigby and Peller (I know, I know, he's wonderful and he's mine!). Rigby and Peller is a 'proper' lingerie shop of the old fashioned variety, staffed by women who really know their bras, and the boobs that go into them. If you've ever watched one of Trinny and Susannah's programmes you would know them as their go-to lingerie shop, and they're even corsetiere to Her Majesty the Queen.

When we entered we were approached by a lovely staff member who questioned me about my requirements (a strapless bra) then whisked me away to a changing room where she informed me that "we don't use measuring tapes, we do fittings by eye". Cue several moments of me fidgeting awkwardly as she stared at my now naked boobs. My boobs assessed she disappeared for a few moments and returned with, miraculously, The Perfect Strapless Bra.

I left Rigby and Peller happily clutching my purchase: a bra and knicker set by Marie Jo that cost more than the rest of my lingerie collection combined but it was so worth it. It's my special occasion set, but it's been worn and washed many times (in the washing machine even, I don't really do hand washing) and is still in excellent condition with none of the stretched elastic, fraying lace or homicidal chest-piercing underwires that befall cheaper brands.

Which brings us to today's Pretty, the Tadao underwire padded cup basque by Marie Jo. Available up to a 36DD, I love the simple, clean lines, the geometric bow embellishment and the contrast between the shiny fabric of the trim and the matte of the rest of the garment.

Marie Jo's website is here, and if you're in London and get the chance I highly recommend a visit to Rigby and Peller, or their website is here.

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