25 June 2009

Review: O.P.I. Done Out in Deco

This isn't one of the polishes from my haul(s) of the other day, it's one I bought off TradeMe which arrived yesterday. I've been coveting this colour for a while - lavender done badly can be very much a 'grandmother' colour, but Done Out in Deco has greyish undertones that make it a little different.

I absolutely love it, BUT, I'm not sure it suits my skin tone. Still, one of the many friends who come over for manicures will surely suit it, so it's not going to waste!

Application was excellent, which surprised me. Pastel colours as a rule can be problem children, but not this one. No streaking or dragging, bottle colour in two coats and no clean up required - well done O.P.I.

If you look through my recent polish reviews, you can see my nails gradually (very gradually) starting to get longer. I am determined to get them healthy and grow them long without resorting to acrylics again, which damaged my nails so badly.


  1. I can see that they are growing. I love that polish. I think it looks fine with your skin tone. How about trying it on your toes?

  2. I think it depends on the light! But yes, it might just be a tootsie polish!