25 June 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: which you can't have because I just bought them

I found these adorable little piggy earrings from Susane01 on Etsy:

and was just about to post about them when I realised there was only one pair left. So I bought them. Which is why the picture is so tiny, because of course once I'd bought them they were removed from the listing. Ooops! Sorry about that.

As a consolation prize, here are some kitty earrings:

And a gorgeous glass pendant necklace:

So you can't say I'm not good to you!


  1. Babe I SO need to introduce you to The Bead Hold so you can make your OWN pretties ;)

  2. I've checked out their website before, so many lovely things, a visit there is definitely on the cards!

  3. Cute earrings! My favorite is the heart necklace. I love any heart shaped jewelry. I must go visit.