25 June 2009

Review: BB Couture Blue Suede Shoes

This is the second nail polish from BB Couture that I've tried and I continue to be very impressed. Their formula is fabulous, easy to apply, great coverage in two coats maximum, and they have such a great colour range I'm seriously tempted to get on to Overall Beauty and order some more. Except I've just ordered a haul from Transdesign, and after last night's post about the NARS Vintage colours I ordered a couple (Blue Lagoon and Cha Cha Cha in case you were wondering).

The Eccentric English Boyfriend asked me last night how long it would take me to collect every nail polish colour in existence. I asked him if that was a challenge, because I'd be more than happy to give it a try, and he suddenly backtracked. Go figure. But I think in the interests of proving to him that it's not possible, I should probably go ahead and order some more polishes - makes sense doesn't it?

Anyway on with the review. Here is Blue Suede Shoes:

This is a gorgeous, gorgeous colour. When I applied it last night there were some lavender tones coming through, today in daylight it's a gorgeous dusky blue. Almost bottle colour in one coat, I am absolutely in love!

So is Jessie:

Fred may not be so sure, it's hard to tell under that fringe:

And that's AFTER yesterday's trip to the groomer's, before that he looked like a little sheep!

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