20 June 2009

Sometimes I crave chocolate, sometimes I crave red patent pumps

In the same way that watching cooking shows makes me crave certain foods, watching a Running in Heels marathon on TV earlier today gave me a craving for red patent pumps. So while I was killing time with my hair swathed in glad wrap waiting for my colour to develop (yep that's right folks, Violet Vision is NOT my natural hair colour) I decided to do a little browsing to see what I could come up with.

I had a very specific style in mind: red patent, closed toe pumps with a high heel and no straps. The type of shoe I'm thinking of is your classic sex-on-legs shoe, in a style that will never date, but will always make you feel like you are the sexiest woman on the planet. And here's what I came up with, from the marvellously cheap to the palpitation-inducing expensive.

The Red Patent Round Toe Stiletto Pumps, US$8.99 from Ami Clubwear.

The Mia Diva, US$56.40 (on sale) from Zappos.com.

The N.Y.L.A. Mark Pump, US$60.36 from Endless.

The Rupert Sanderson Patent Pump, US$583.19 from Browns Fashion

The Christian Louboutin Platform Pump, US$735.00 from Neiman Marcus. (Look at the pretty, look closely at the pretty, don't look at the price, you want to look at the pretty.)

Unfortunately the Ami Clubwear shoes are out of stock, because they're an absolute steal. And the Louboutins, well they are beautiful aren't they? So very, very, very beautiful. Tis not to be though - the price looks high enough in American dollars, when I convert it to New Zealand dollars my heart very nearly stops!



  1. Holy crap those are HAWT!!!

    Although for some reason the Mia Diva shoes are really singing to me. The others are nice yes, but as far as the cheapo range is concerned, Mia Diva does IT!

  2. No, you always crave chocolate. Sometimes you crave other things as well.