21 June 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: they were half price, I HAD to get them

Wandering through the mall today, I accidentally found myself in Hannahs. (I KNOW! I was as astounded as you are. It's the funniest thing, happens to me all the time). Anyway, these were on sale, down from $99.95 to $49.95.

I've been coveting these little cuties (the Pulp Hide-n-Seek) for a while - they're the love child of a brogue and a mary jane, and that little bow ups the cuteness factor by ten. So obviously I wasn't going to say no to them at half price now was I? They're also available in solid black, which is nice but doesn't have the pizzazz of the black and cream combo.

13 Year Old Daughter managed to talk me into buying these for her while we were there:

That's the Stompa Racey, only $19.95 in the sale. I love how they can be worn with the top folded down to expose the lining. She's my little Padawan, 13 Year Old Daughter, and I have taught her so well!

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