22 June 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: a little bit of bling (may contain mascara)

This probably belongs under the category of "Completely pointless but pretty".

I've never really seen the point of individual holders for makeup - those little cases for your lipstick for example. I mean by the time you've rifled through your handbag, found your makeup case, opened that, rifled through it, found the lipstick case - well who wants one more thing to open? But, this is pretty. In a blingy 'put the Bedazzler down and back away slowly before you do something you'll regret' kind of way. It hovers just on the edge of tastefulness and I like it. Oh and it actually comes with the mascara, which is a brand I've never heard of. And, because apparently everything needs to be able to be hung from stuff these days it has a keychain. There's going to come a day when nobody actually carries stuff INSIDE their handbags because it's all going to be hung on the outside.

US$48.00 from YesStyle.

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