24 June 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Vintage 50s Black Sequin & Crepe Cocktail Dress from Couture Allure

If you're a lover of vintage clothing then Couture Allure is well worth checking out. The range of vintage from many eras is huge, with the option to search by era or size. Plus, if you follow the Couture Allure blog you'll be able to keep up with the daily 'Steal of a Deal' - one item from the shop heavily discounted.

And today's Pretty is also Couture Allure's Steal of a Deal:

That's the 50s Black Sequin & Crepe Cocktail Dress by Carol Craig. Sequins are a love/hate thing with me, but I really like the way they've been applied to the bodice of this dress. Here's a close-up:

Originally US$75.00, today it's discounted by 50% to US$37.50, and if it was my size I'd be snapping it.

1 comment:

  1. That is really a pretty dress. I love sequins and all things glittery. Not my size either but it is lovely to look at.