20 July 2009

Barielle All Lacquered Up Collection

I follow a lot of nail polish blogs. I mean seriously, a lot of them. The Eccentric English Boyfriend is convinced that all I do on the computer is look at nail polish. He's wrong obviously, I also look at shoes.

The first nail polish blog I started following, and probably the start of my addiction, was All Lacquered Up. A couple of years later it is still my favourite and my first port of call for all polish-related information. Written by Michelle Mismas, All Lacquered Up now has a huge following and Michelle has been lucky enough to be able to collaborate on a soon to be released range of polishes - possibly the ultimate accolade for any beauty blogger.

The All Lacquered Up Collection from Shades by Barielle is the result of a collaboration between Michelle and celebrity manicurist and Creative Director for the Shades by Barielle line, Elle. Michelle and Elle spent a week backstage at New York Fashion Week and created 12 shades inspired by the fashions.

The polishes are from left to right:

Pin-Up: Tomato red with a hint of gold fleck.
Make-It-A-Latte: Mid-tone cocoa with a glint of golden reflect.
Glammed Out Garnet: Deep wine sparkler.
Polished Princess: Vivid mossy green shimmer.
Lava Rock: Semi-sheer black with red pearl.
Blackened Bleu: Semi-sheer black with sapphire glitter.
Putt-E-On-Me: Mid-tone mushroom.
Falling Star: Bright blue with copper glitter particles.
Out-Grey-Geous: Grey with gold fleck.
Slate-Of-Affairs: Slate blue grey with a hint of pearl.
Get Mauve-ing: Mauve creme.
U-Concrete-Me: Dolphin grey creme.

I am particularly coveting ... *deep breath* ... Make-It-A-Latte, Polished Princess, Lava Rock, Blackened Bleu, Putt-E-On-Me, Falling Star, Out-Grey-Geous, Slate-Of-Affairs, Get Mauve-ing and U-Concrete-Me. What about you my pretties, which colours get your knees knocking? I strongly suggest you head over to All Lacquered Up and check out her swatches of the collection here (part 1) and here (part 2). Have a look at Slate of Affairs, which I think is my favourite.

The All Lacquered Collection is due to be released in August, and will be available from Barielle. Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on them - I'm waiting for Barielle's reply to my email about shipping to New Zealand.

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  1. They are very pretty colors. I don't own any Barielle polishes. These will be my firsts. My favorites are Polished Princess and Blackened Bleu.