21 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: 1950's draped dress at Couture Allure

It seems every time I make a definitive statement about my dislikes something comes along to disprove it. For instance, yesterday I said I'm not especially fond of wearing pink clothing, and today this turns up in the What's New section at Couture Allure Vintage Clothing:

This Vintage 1950's Rosalie Macrini 34" bust party dress is US$750.00 at Couture Allure. Oh it is pink, but look at that beautiful draping, the twist detail at the hem, the way the silk taffeta catches the light and flashes purple and blue. This is a party dress like no other - with this on you'd be guaranteed to make an entrance worthy of a princess!

Here are some more shots of the gorgeousness:

Couture Allure say this is only the second Rosalie Macrini dress they've come across, so not only is it gorgeous vintage, it's rare vintage and worth every penny of that US$750.00. It's still way out of my price range, but also too small for me so I'll just have to go on dreaming!


  1. That is a beautiful dress. The draping is outstanding. I would lose the flower. It is quite lovely. Don't blame you for loving this one even if it's in your not-so favorite pink.

  2. Thanks so much for the feature on this dress! It is now sold.

  3. I'm not surprised it's found a new home already, it was too beautiful to pass up.