17 July 2009

Eyeko haul

I told you it wouldn't be long until I had new polishes to try. After I blogged about the cute stuff at Eyeko the other day I couldn't help myself, I had to buy something. See what I put myself through in order to bring you pretties? (Actually, realistically it's what I put the Eccentric English Boyfriend through, since it's his money I'm spending!)

Left to right we have Strawberry Fat Balm, Disco Polish (for nightime nails), Vamp Polish (for naughty nails), Pastel Polish (for nice nails) and Magic Liquid Eyeliner. I do love their packaging, and the product names! Oh and also a packet of Pineapple Lumps, not from Eyeko obviously, just what I happened to be eating at the time (mmmmm, Pineapple Lumps).

You can probably see that the Vamp Polish leaked a bit in transit - the plastic shrink wrap had somehow moved so that it wasn't encasing the cap which came loose. I lost about a quarter of Vamp, luckily it leaked mostly over itself (most of which came off when I removed the shrink wrap) and a little bit over the Magic Eyeliner. I got quite a lot on my hands though, so inadvertantly I have a swatch of Vamp for you!

Oooh, blue/black goodness - it looks like I got biro ink on my hands. Can't wait to see what it looks like on my nails! Application will be interesting with those funny little caps. Swatches to come, I've run out of nail polish remover so Fast Woman is going to have to stay on my nails for a bit longer (and Vamp on my fingers!).

Fat Balm is a lip balm which can also be used on cheeks. Available in a couple of other scents/colours, I chose Strawberry because it looked like a nice neutral that would work with my complexion. As you can see in the picture it has a lovely shimmer through it too.

Here's a swatch, it really is a very pretty, sheer colour:

And here it is on my lips.

Pretty, me likey. It has a lovely, moisturising feel to it which I'm liking. The smell of strawberry is very faint, and wears off quickly which is not a bad thing.

Magic Liquid Eyeliner is a clear liquid with a brush applicator which you swipe through your powder eyeshadows in order to use them as an eyeliner. I've seen a few products like this around and I was very interested to try it.

Luckily 13 Year Old Daughter's makeup case was conveniently nearby, so I grabbed her eyeshadow compact to give it a try.

13 Year Old Daughter very kindly showed me how to use her photo editing software to put the numbers on the pictures. (Oh God, I've become one of THOSE parents who has to ask their children for I.T. advice!)

I'm quite impressed with the Magic Liquid Eyeliner, it really does do exactly what it says. Swatch number four had a little bleeding at the edges, I think I had too much liquid on the brush. With a bit of experimentation this could be quite a handy product.


  1. I'm definitely going to have to try these guys out! Just been looking on the website and the prices aren't bad and who can say no to free shipping hey! :)
    I have the urban decay liquid eyeliner thing. One of the best things I ever bought because I love to wear coloured eyeliner!

  2. They're irresistible aren't they? And like you say not bad prices. I think this is another of those "when I'm in England next year I'm going to stock up" situations!

  3. I've always wanted to order the polishes. Twice I did but didn't complete the order. I love the bottles also but I heard it's hard to work with. I love glitter! What are pineapple lumps?

  4. I say go for it, you know you want to!

    Pineapple lumps are a New Zealand sweet - chewy pineapple flavoured centre coated with chocolate http://www.cadbury.co.nz/Products/Candy-Confectionery/Pascall-Pineapple-Lumps.aspx. Best. Lolly. Ever.