26 July 2009

The last two Hot Rods

I swatched the last two from the Hot Rod collection today, and I am super-duper impressed with all six of them.

First up, Cherry Baby:

Faithful readers will know by now that it takes a fairly special red to float my boat, not being a huge fan of red polishes. Well this red is special - a gorgeous traffic stopping traffic light red with the lit from within glow you get from a really good glitter. The base is a red jelly-ish creme (or creme-ish jelly), packed with tiny red glitter. Despite the jelly-ish texture this is really pigmented, although there is still some visible nail line after three coats it only shows up in certain lights. Thin formula but in a good way, this was really lovely to apply.

And finally, the colour I was most looking forward to:

Little Deuce Coupe is gorgeous! Another of those colours that makes me hungry, I figured out it reminded me of these:

Normally I hate banana flavoured anything, but I've always loved banana lollies. Mmmmm, banana lollies.

Yellows are possibly one of the most difficult colours application wise. Little Deuce Coupe was a pleasant surprise - it gave me the least trouble of all the yellows I've tried. There was some dragging, and it did require three coats, but it was very nearly a two coater.

So that's it for the Hot Rods. I am so glad I bought the whole collection, every single one of the wowed me.


  1. I'm not a big red lover either but that red is gorgeous! I'm tempted!
    The yellow's really nice too but I'm not convinced yellow suits me.. maybe I should try a couple more just to make sure ;)

  2. I never thought I'd see me wearing yellow nail polish - it's certainly not a colour that ever turns up in my clothes. I say give it a try, it's a fun and sunny and cheerful colour :)