14 July 2009

More reasons to love Barry M

So we all know that I've become a huge fan of Barry M's polishes. And I'm thinking when we go to England next year (did I mention that we're ... I did? oh, ok then ...) I'll be checking out the rest of their cosmetics too. But there's another reason to love Barry M. They're committed to not testing on animals, and even have their very own furry representative, Cookie the Bunny:

Now there are some who would say that I am almost as much of a sucker for fluffy animals as I am for pretty things. They offer as proof of this the two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, two rats and two mice who share our house. They may be right. So I'm totally in love with Cookie the Bunny, especially since he has his very own BunnyCam which means I can spend ages watching the cute bunny do cute bunny things. Or I could go watch my own bunnies, obviously, who do equally cute bunny things.

And just for you, some cute animal pics of some of my animals. I can't find any of my bunnies (I think they're on a backup disk. The pics not the bunnies), so instead here's Fred watching his favourite TV programme:

And ratties doing ratty stuff:

Teehee, little pink ratty tongue.


  1. I am a BIG Barry M fan, as it's one of the best low priced polishes over here (I'm in England.) I recently bought red blu enad green glitter and would recommend them to EVERYONE!
    You can see swatches of the red and blue on my blog http://tsnails.wordpress.com

  2. I'm sorry about my dreadful typing, that should have said "red, blue and green"

  3. What a beautiful rabbit. I've never seen one with that coloring before. I love your dog wathcing rat TV. How cute!

  4. Hi tsnails! Thanks for reading :) The red, blue and green glitters are on my list to buy when we go to England next year. I'm determined not to buy any more Barry M till then ... unless of course they send me another discount code!

    Lucy, we've had lots of bunnies over the years of all colours and markings but never one with that colouring. Cookie is quite gorgeous isn't s/he? (And when I say lots of bunnies I mean LOTS of bunnies. You know that saying about breeding like bunnies? Is SO true!)