14 July 2009

Today's nail and also yesterday's nail

After yesterday's swatching I left the Cuinong green on for a while, then I got bored and decided to give another of my untried polishes a go while the Eccentric English Boyfriend and I were watching Moonlight last night (mmmm, sexy vampires). A nice red seemed appropriate for vampire watching, so I went for Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Honeymoon Red.

What the hell sort of name is Honeymoon Red? Seriously, what does that actually mean?

Anyhoo I digress - application on this one was fantabulous. Two coats, could very nearly have been one, nice formula and just a little bit of brush strokage but nothing that steady application couldn't deal with. This is a gorgeous colour, a deeper red than it appears in the picture but with a gorgeous pink shimmer in some lights. I really love it, and I say this as someone who rarely wears red nails.

Honeymoon Red stayed on till this afternoon, then I gave Barry M Mint Green a go.

Annoyingly this picture does not show the colour at all well. It is much more of a mint green.

I've been looking forward to seeing this one on, as I'd heard it was a dupe for MAC's Peppermint Patti. I think I will have to do some side-by-side swatching of the two - just going from memory it is very similar to Peppermint Patti. A darn sight better application though. Which is not to say the application was wonderful, it wasn't, but it was better than Peppermint Patti, which was just terrible. This was three coats, and there was a lot of streaking but, like a couple of other Barry M's I've tried, it was beautifully self-levelling as it dried. I absolutely luuuuurve this colour.


  1. Oh, that red is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for red nails, though.

    I'm also totally blown away by your mad nail polish applying skillz - I'm always too lazy to replace mine more than a couple of times per week, so I'm in awe of your dedication!

  2. It is a really stunning red, and very wearable - you could pull it off with almost any outfit/occasion.

    The nail polish thing is quite recent believe it or not. I used to have the most appalling nails and never wore polish because it chipped off so quickly. Then I got acrylics and suddenly I could wear polish, and so began an addiction.

  3. I love the Barry M Mint Green. I want it!! Barry M has some beautiful polishes. Love your red nails. Red for a hot honeymoon (?). Very pretty on you. I agree that you are so neat with your polish application. I wish was half as good.

  4. Just a tip, and it's something I am discovering works very well in every scenario... DO NOT USE FLASH.

    Try to do your photoshoots using NATURAL light. Usually early morning before 11AM and after 2PM light is good. This really shows up colours and detail in photography; flash unfortunately often washes things out and has annoying bouncy lights :(

  5. My polish application has improved enormously, I used to spend ages doing clean up afterwards now I hardly ever need to. It's all those hours spent practising I guess!

    Yes the flash does cause problems. I almost always apply my polish at night and photograph it straight away so there's no chance I'll chip it before I want to take a photo.

  6. Ah boo thats a shame, cause the first photo of your latest swatch looks AWESOME!