03 July 2009

More swatchy goodness

The good thing about having 13 Year Old Daughter home sick is there's another set of nails to try polishes out on. So once she'd removed Overdose we gave China Glaze He's Going In Circles a whirl:

I got this on my toes when I had a pedicure a while ago and fell head over heels for it. Is this not the most amazing polish? Glittery holographic eye popping gorgeousness. However, application = not so good actually. He's Going In Circles has an odd milky consistency that gives lots of dragging and bald spots even on the third coat - definitely a tricky puppy to work with. Worth it though, definitely worth it.

Jessie says is worth it:

And also, scratch a little lower please kthxbai.

Unable to contain myself, I removed Punk and gave Rock Star a whirl:

(Click on the pic for the larger version which shows the glitter better). Now I love me some black polish, but I'll be the first to admit that a plain black polish can look a little flat - it needs a little something to lift it. And that's precisely what they've done with Rock Star. Unlike the in-your-face glitteriness of Punk, Rock Star has lots of tiny pinpricks of purple glitter in a glossy black base. They almost disappear in some lights, which means while this colour is good it's not great. I'll definitely be wearing it again but it doesn't have quite the oomph it needs.

The next two weeks are school holidays, which means 13 Year Old Girl can wear nail polish in colours other than clear or natural, so expect double the swatching!

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  1. That China Glaze is so pretty. I haven't worn mine yet. I like Rock Star but a shame if you can't see the glitter. I guess we'll be seeing a guest for nail polishing. How nice!