03 July 2009

My nails are rockin'!

Here's my latest haul:

I've been coveting the LA Girl Rock Star range of polishes since I saw them on another blog a while ago, so imagine my joy when I was checking out Cherry Culture and there they were! Left to right we have LA Girl Flare in Sunny, LA Girl Rock Star in Heavy Metal, LA Girl Rock Star in Rock Star, LA Girl Rock Star in Punk and LA Girl Rock Star in Overdose. The photo doesn't do justice to the colours or to just how full of glitter the Rock Star polishes are. We also have a double ended kohl eyeliner in black and silver by Amuse, and the Amuse Fine Eyeliner Pencil in Black. I've never heard of Amuse before, but the eyeliners were on special so I popped them in my cart (hellooooo - ON SALE!). The fine eyeliner pencil is actually a felt tip and I love it.

I love liquid eyeliners but let's face it they're a real bugger to apply unless you have the steadiest of hands, this was a cinch and gets my vote for my fave new product. AND it was only US$2.50.

Here's a swatch of the fine eyeliner pencil (top), and the double ended black and silver kohl (bottom).

Woah, in close-up my hands have got some serious freckling going on!

Obviously I had to do some swatching straight away, here's Punk:

Oh boy, pretty deep blue AND packed with pretty glitter - does a polish get any better? Application was lovely, three coats to be completely opaque. What I couldn't capture in a photo was the beautiful purple this polish throws in some lights - it really is a stunner.

13 Year Old Daughter is home sick today with the same tummy bug that had me laid up yesterday, so she went straight for Overdose. Warning: seriously bad application ahead, her skills are hampered by not feeling very well!

More glitteriness. (Now that I've made the word up I'm going to keep using it!). Overdose is a clear base with purple, silver and blue glitter, but it's so jam-packed with glitter that with a couple of coats it's virtually opaque.

Mmmmm, lots of purdies!

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