23 July 2009

A small TradeMe haul and some more Ruby Pumps

Here's a couple of things from TradeMe: China Glaze Custom Kicks and O.P.I. Tangerini Bikini, plus a couple of colour wheels, so now I can quickly swatch polishes if I don't have the time to try them on!

As proof that the world (and New Zealand in particular) is a very small place the polishes were bought from the lovely Steph from Nail Juice, who very kindly threw in Custom Kicks for me because she was delayed in sending Tangerini Bikini - what a sweetie!

Apologies for the lack of swatches the last couple of days, I've been so busy actually trying polish on that I haven't gotten round to blogging about it. I've pretty much depleted my untried pile, the postman is looking more and more nervous because I know I have a couple of orders that should be arriving any day now!

My gorgeous friend Zeb came over yesterday for a manicure and was patient enough to let me swatch several colours on her. She is but a wide-eyed newcomer to the wonderful world of nail polish and getting her to try colours outside of her comfort zone was fun. She ended up wearing China Glaze Ruby Pumps which looked absolutely stunning against her dark skin. I've swatched it before on myself, but here it is on her:

We went out to lunch after, which was most amusing as every few minutes she would look at her nails and squeal! Ruby Pumps is one of those hard to photograph polishes, it's almost impossible to do justice to the super-blingy glitteriness of it. Look out for more pictures of Zeb's nails to come as I think we swatched about five colours on her, and in the meantime go visit her site for loads of anime/manga and stitching stuff.


  1. Ruby Pumps is an amazing polish. Looks pretty on Zeb and I don't blame her for repeatedly looking at her nails. I do the same thing whenever I wear it. Hope you had a wonderful lunch.

  2. It is one of those polishes that you find yourself staring at often isn't it?

    Lunch was lovely - two words: Hollandaise. Sauce.

    And two more words: Crispy. Bacon.