23 July 2009

Vroom vroom: my Hot Rods have arrived

You know the old saying about watched pots never boiling? Well the same is apparently true for postmen. Not that they boil, obviously, but I turned my back for just a while (read: I closed my eyes and fell asleep for several hours) and when I woke up there they were:

Oh hai pretties. Look at you all hiding in there. Won't you come out to play?

Left to right: Cherry Baby, Hot Spot, Cruisin, Little Deuce Coupe, Nitro Injected and Lowrider.

Wow! I loved them in the advertising pictures, in real life I am blown away! Even Cherry Baby and Hot Spot, which I hummed and harred over before deciding I would get them (being as they were limited edition and all) are actually pretty gorgeous. And as always the lovely Kim at Overall Beauty surpassed herself, including a cute little manicure kit (which has already disappeared with 13 Year Old Daughter) and an adorable mini crystal nail file in a tube!

I got to use my colour wheel - best investment ever!

Cherry Baby is packed with tiny tiny red glitter, Hot Spot is a shimmer, Cruisin and Little Deuce Coupe are cremes and Nitro Injected and Lowrider have a metallic finish to them. Application wise Cruisin and Little Deuce Couple seemed like they could be the ones to give some issues with streaking, and Nitro Injected had some problems with very visible brush strokes.

I was going to try Little Deuce Coupe first, as it's the colour I've been most looking forward to, but I was already wearing a yellow so thought I'd go for something else. I let 10 Year Old Boy choose for me, and he went for Nitro Injected:

This is three coats, and I was right about the brush strokes - I spent ages mucking around with it trying to get it to the stage where the brush strokes weren't driving me too nuts. Clean up was required too (as you can see from the picture) which is something I don't find very often. But I love the colour, it reminds me of some foil gift wrap I used to have.

I cannot wait to see the rest of the collection on my nails!


  1. WOO HOO! And you were right about not stalking the post man, I'm stalking the UPS guy right now.. lol
    Thanks so much for your kind words.
    I am so glad to hear you got your box! I added two gifts not one this time cause I had visited your blog before and knew that one was going to disappear into the hands of your 13 year old :) I didn't want you feeling left out..
    And no matter what your nails look amazing! I have short ones still..:(


  2. Kim you know me so well - 13 Year Old Daughter says thank you! I think she may have stolen the crystal nail file too - I can't find it anywhere. She'll feign innocence of course!

  3. Hi Selina! Isn't the collection amazing? I love all the colors. I ordered the whole set also. I've worn Cherry Baby and Hot Spot. Just gorgeous.

  4. I'm just about to apply Cherry Baby this very minute - cannot wait to see it on.