18 July 2009

Stupid winter, we hates it Precious

I really hate winter. With the cold. And the rain. And the wind. GAH! But, on cold, wet, windy days when I'm feeling the winter grumpiness, I like to remind myself that there are three (and only three) reasons to like winter:

You can rock out in killer boots:

Overland Brie, NZ$269.90 (on sale) from Overland.

You can go for days without shaving your legs, and hide them with opaque tights:

Columbine Argyle patterned opaques.

You can quickly and cheaply change the look of an outfit with a colourful scarf:

Just Jeans Hippy Slub scarf, AU$19.95 from Just Jeans.

Still looking forward to summer though!

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