18 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Overland Novel purple patent brogue

You would be well within your rights to be thoroughly sick of me posting purple high heeled brogues, but can you blame me when they're THIS gorgeous:

Oh hai Pretties, I luff you. I luffed those other purple brogues too, but now I luff you more.

Oh me oh my, I could spend hours just staring at these, drinking in their beauty. That colour is stunning, they have a gorgeous heel, they're patent and even the laces are pretty. AND they're on sale for NZ$159.90 down from NZ$189.90 at Overland.

The Eccentric English Boyfriend has promised me a present when I've been one month smoke-free, do you think I could convince him to move it forward to one week smoke free?

Also, I have been one week smoke free - YAY ME!

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