19 July 2009

Today's nails: a couple of reds and some biro ink

Today I decided to give the two reds remaining in my untried pile a try. First up Color Club Queen of Speed:

Despite being a jelly, Queen of Speed is very thickly pigmented. This was two coats, although there is the faintest visible nail line showing so I could have gone to three. Application was excellent and it has a beautiful smooth glossy finish. Tomato reds lean too much towards the orange for my liking, but if you're a red lover this will probably appeal and it does have a lovely depth to it. I can see me wearing this occasionally, but only occasionally. Oh and just to make a fool of me after my comment about jellies taking ages to dry, this one dried quickly!

Next Creative Nail Designs Red Baroness:

My pretties, this is the elusive Holy Grail of nail polish - the One Coater. Aside from a bit of visible brush strokage application on this is damn near perfect. Shame I don't like it. Again, if you're a red lover then you're probably going to like this one, it has a lovely gold shimmer through it and it's very attractive, it's just not me.

And finally the one I've really been looking forward to, Eyeko Vamp Polish:

Can you just give me a minute here?


Oh. My. God. I love this colour. Love it. This is dark, dark biro ink blue bordering on black. You can just see the blue in the top picture. In many lights Vamp Polish is almost black but it has a gorgeous depth of colour that lifts it and the elusive blue cast in some lights makes it deliciously intriguing to wear. Two coats, and the shine that you see in the photos isn't down to the polish, which applies super streaky. A coat of Seche Vite fixed it beautifully, as you can see, but I would say you couldn't wear this polish without a top coat. But who cares, this may have just become my favourite colour of all time. So now I'm super bummed about it leaking in transit. When we go to England next year (did I mention blah blah, yadda yadda England etc) I think I may stock up on a bottle (or three) of this.


  1. your nails are soooo gorgeous!! i seriously love them, such a lovely shape and they look very healthy and smooth. you have great application too :)

  2. Thank you :) You should see them without polish though! They're a bit on yellow side, in fact you can see that I've only started using a base coat religiously quite recently as the new growth is not yellow.

  3. I love all the polishes. They're all pretty on you. But!, the Vamp Polish is awesome!!! I love a deep deep navy blue. I think I may have to order that. Unless there is a dupe out there.

  4. Lucy I have never seen anything quite like Vamp, it is truly an amazing color. Eyeko's polishes are only GBP3.00 each, I say go for it!