01 July 2009

Today's nail: China Glaze Tree Hugger

This is one of the two China Glaze polishes I got the other day along with Solar Power. Both colours are part of 2008's ECollection range. I'm still annoyed that I paid for what turned out to be minis, but this colour goes some way towards making up for that:

Mmmmm - crisp, tart Granny Smith apples:

This is a three-coater. There was a bit of dragging and some bald spots but the third coat fixed that, and brushstrokes were a wee bit of a problem but nothing that careful application couldn't handle.

The verdict. I LOVE this colour.


  1. That is a fantastic green. What a shame that you got mini's. Hope you didn't pay the same price as full size. Looks pretty on you. My favorite green is Poison Ivy by BB Couture. If you like their polish there will be a new collection coming out soon. One of the polishes is called Throb. I can't wait. Have you seen the new Mac polishes that will be out in August? They look amazing.

  2. I ended up paying around what I'd expect to pay for the minis full price, but that bums me out because whenever I buy on TradeMe I'm looking to get things cheaper than I would retail. Can't wait to see the new BB Couture range, Throb is the best name! I think I saw the new MAC range on one of the blogs I read but I can't remember (so many polishes, so little time!), I'll have to check them out again.