20 July 2009

Today's nails: three pinks and a blue

Getting closer and closer to the end of my untried pile - today I thought I'd give the three pinks a go. All three are very sheer, requiring at least four coats to be close to opaque. If, like me, you prefer your polishes completely opaque then these would be best used as layering polishes.

First, Color Club Candy Girl:

You know how I'm not especially fond of pink or nude polishes? Well this one's pink AND nude and I quite like it. It's pale but interesting, kind of like a goth chick! This is a very soft pearl pink shimmer that I like against my skin tone. Four coats and still very sheer, I'd like to see it layered over white.

Next Color Club Sugar Rush:

Five (yes five) coats, it's a nice enough pretty pale pink shimmer but totally wrong against my skin tone and just not wowing me.

Last of the pinks, Revlon Flash of Fuchsia:

13 Year Old Daughter loves this one. It's a bit too bubblegum pink for me, but it does have interesting flashes of blue and purple in some lights. Another five coater.

And finally, the colour that has stayed on for today, BYS Blue Buzz:

The base of this is a nice blue shimmer, and in the bottle it has lots of glitter which flashes gold or silver depending on the light. The glitter doesn't apply as thickly as it appears in the bottle, and it rather sinks in to the polish so that the effect is somewhat lost. I like this polish though, it's cheerful and applied nicely in two coats with a minimum of brush strokes.

The Eccentric English Boyfriend is watching The Howling while I blog. Isn't it funny watching movies that were considered frightening in their time (in this case the 70's) and finding them positively laughable by today's standards?


  1. Pinks! Not my thing either but I quite like the first one. I did breathe a sigh of relief when I saw the blue though.

    Oh and you need to watch The Woman In Black. Old school horror but still the scariest film I've ever seen. Tell EEB to take you to the West End show version when you visit London.

  2. I'm not particularly brave when it comes to horror movies - it's an ongoing joke between myself and EEB that when watching anything remotely scary I slowly sink behind the cushion I inevitably end up clutching in front of me till all that can be seen is a pair of eyes and some hair! I shall have to look The Woman in Black up, the only thing I can think of that would be scarier than a scary movie is a scary movie LIVE! EEP!