05 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Bubble Love t-shirt from Marmalade Ho

Look at these cute little bubble-blowing bunnies:

We've had rabbits for years and I've never seen them blow bubbles. I've seen them poo. A lot. But no bubbles.

£25.00 from Marmalade Ho.


  1. That's a cute Tshirt. I had rabbits when I lived at home. Two rabbits and what a ton of poo they could do! They were kept outside in a cage. My brother originally bought them to raise for food. I was so angry with him. He couldn't do it anyway. I threatened to put him in the cage. Ugh, what a nit wit!

  2. Our rabbits live on the deck outside our bedroom, lots of space for them to run around. And poo. We're renovating at the moment and it's funny watching tradesmen walk out onto the deck and freak when a rabbit runs up to them and starts nibbling their boots!