01 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: gravity glass earrings

I'm cutting it a bit close with today's Pretty, considering there's only 28 minutes left of today. Anyway, here they are:

These are gravity glass earrings made from individually lampworked soda-lime glass beads, US$20.00 each from IslaOsborne on Etsy. They're available in either translucent or opaque glass, in a range of colours. I'm coveting them in blue, and green, and I quite like the yellow, and ... what the hell - one of each for me please!

Phew, 21 minutes of today still to go - made it!


  1. These are pretty earrings. All of them for me also please. I will have to go check these out. I love earrings, especially ones with color. I wish there was a red also.

  2. I'm pretty sure there was a red too!