15 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Misery Cute as Hell Sack of Goodies

I love the tshirts by New Zealand company Misery, and now they've added their distinctive designs to a range of bath and body products.

Look at this:

Isn't that the most amazing artwork? The Sack of Goodies contains a body wash with moisturising algae extract, a hand and body lotion with shea butter, olive oil and aloe, a violet and quince scented splash and a pomegranate and beeswax lip balm stick. NZ$50.00 from Misery. I want these just for the gorgeous packaging, although I'm also curious about the violet and quince scent - I haven't had quince jelly since I was a kid but the thought is making my mouth water.


  1. I'm definiteyl going to check this site out. I love the art work also. I ordered stuff for Christmas presents that had art work like this. I have the website somewhere.

  2. Another one that's worth checking out is Illicit (www.illicit.co.nz), they have some gorgeous t-shirts. I'm pretty sure Illicit and Misery used to be owned by the same company but I think they may have separated now.