15 July 2009

Today's nails in black

Today I decided to swatch the two black polishes I've had sitting in my untried box. First up Color Club Where's the Soiree:

The thing about black polishes is they are very unforgiving, and very easy to apply badly. A very steady hand is required to get a black polish on neatly and you can see in the picture where I mucked up a bit.

Where's the Soiree is thickly pigmented and opaque in two coats. The finish on this one is gorgeous, it's not a glossy cream but rather has a satin-like lustre that I'm really quite charmed by. Normally my photos are taken after a top coat of Seche Vite but I left it off this time because I loved the finish of the polish. The downside is that you'll need a really good ridge-filling base coat first because every little imperfection shows up.

Next is China Glaze Urban Attitude:

This is more of a standard glossy black, with a very nice depth of colour to it. Application was a little trickier on this one with heaps of streaking and dragging, although by the third coat it had evened out nicely.

Both polishes are excellent blacks. Of the two I would pick Where's the Soiree as my favourite because of the gorgeous finish on it, but next time I'll be using a couple of coats of ridge filler underneath.

1 comment:

  1. I don't have either of these blacks. They are fantastic looking. I love the finish on the Color Club. They both look rockin' on you.! You did really good application wise. I'm a messy polisher. My girlfriend is really bad. She looks like she dips half her finger in the polish.