17 July 2009

Today's nail: Color Club Fast Woman

My pile of untried nail polishes is getting smaller, but not to worry because I just heard from the wonderful Kim at Overall Beauty that my BB Couture Hot Rod Collection has just been posted, plus I just ordered some Essies and a Misa from TransDesign. While I stalk the postman as I wait for my new polishes to arrive I will have to content myself with the selection of nudes, pinks and reds in my untried pile. None of these are colours I gravitate to (especially the nudes) but today's red is a stunner:

This is Fast Woman by Color Club. Great name for this polish, it is a real vampy red which turns a deep blood red in some lights. The formula is a jelly-ish cream which took three coats to be opaque, although if I'd wanted to be really picky I would have gone for four as there were some bald patches which just showed through even on the third coat. Like all Color Club polishes it dried super quick. I will definitely wear this one again.


  1. I'm not usually a big fan of reds but I love this one! Looks great on you :)
    Your stalking the postman comment made me laugh, I'm exactly the same!

  2. Normally postmen have to be wary of dogs, but not at our house. We have the two friendliest dogs in the world who LOVE the postman, but for some reason he looks nervous whenever he sees me!

    Like you I'm not normally a red fan, but I do like a nice blood red. I also like vampires - could these things be related?

  3. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words Selina! I feel as sorry for your postman as I do for mine! Poor girl knows me by name!! lol I am always stalking mine.. I can't wait to see the Hot Rod Collection on your nails! I'm not a big fan of red either, but like you I do like vampires.. hummm

  4. This is a stunner on you. I love jelly reds. I don't own this pretty one. I'll have to add it to my list.