11 July 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Simplicity Bath and Body Foot Spa Gift Set

My feet hurt. Not in a bad way, but in a 'you should see how much stuff I bought' kind of way. So I did a bit of hunting around for a pretty foot care gift set, and came up with this:

I love the pink and brown striped box, and the cute wee tin the foot soak comes in. Here's their description:

Simplicity Bath and Body Foot Spa Gift Set is a decadent treat for your feet. Begin your foot spa experience with our Cocoa Mint Foot Soak which contains Dead Sea salts, Organic Cocoa Powder, and marshmallow shaped effervescent bath fizzies infused with peppermint essential oils. After a relaxing soak, follow with our exfoliating Cocoa Mint Foot Scrub. Complete your Foot Spa experience with our Cocoa Mint Foot Mousse. This set will leave your feet moisturized and refreshed. Comes beautifully packaged in a chocolate brown and pink striped gable box.

Oooh, chocolatey! US$70.00 here.

(Also, Googling 'Gift Set Feet' results in Six Feet Under DVD's. Go figure.)

Like I said, lots of shopping today. For my fellow Kiwis, if you're in Auckland it's worth heading to Alexandra Park raceway to check out the massive Cotton On sale - stock from Cotton On, Cotton On Body and Cotton on Kids. Heaps of bargains, I picked up lots of basic singlets and tees for myself and 13 Year Old Daughter at redonkulously cheap prices. Finishes 19 July.

Also, look what I got at the Underpants on the Outside Comic Book Fair:

Coolest. Toy. Ever! Look at Beaker, he's so awesome!


  1. I especially like the way Beaker is frantically pointing at the vast pile of washing behind him, even as it threatens to collapse and engulf him.

  2. That's an amazing "toy". I really like that. The Foot Spa set seems really nice. I love the combination of pink and brown. I just saw a TV show with a baby girls room done in pink and brown. I really love it.