05 August 2009

Bourjois So Laque and the joys of social networking

Social networking is incredible. Through Facebook I befriended a fellow Sealyham Terrier owner in London who it turns out is also a fellow beauty junky, and look what she sent me:

Four Bourjois So Laque polishes - yippee! Left to right: Noir de chine, Cerise noir, Bleu mysterieux and Bleu violet. I've got Bleu violet on right now and it is absolutely gorgeous. And if my camera hadn't decided that anything purple toned must actually be blue I'd have photos of it for you. I think my camera is colour blind. A review will follow, tomorrow when the sun is at the right angle and I can capture the colour properly for you! Meanwhile check out the rest of the range on the Bourjois website.

1 comment:

  1. How nice to get such a gift. Since I'm reading backwards I know they all look gorgeous on you.