04 August 2009

The Great Nail Disaster of August 09 (and also some polishes)

Oh noes - I broke not one but THREE nails. And because I didn't notice when it happened they ripped off before I could save them. So I clipped all my nails back, because otherwise I was going to be driven batty by the sight of nails of different lengths. In the same way that my little brother's habit of un-alphabetising my herbs and spices whenever he comes to visit drives me batty. (OCD? Me? Why do you ask?)

It was the longest I'd ever managed to grow my natural nails, so you understand my pain. Still, they'll grow.

Anyway, here's a little haul for you - three polishes bought off TradeMe:

O.P.I. Green-Wich Village and Bubble Bath, and Revlon Tropical Teal.

Green-Wich Village and Bubble Bath came together. I got them for Green-Wich Village, Bubble Bath isn't really my sort of colour but I'll give it a try. Plus I gather from other nail polish blogs that Bubble Bath is quite hard to find so what the heck.

The first swatch is pre Disaster, when I still had nails. Look how long they were getting:

Tropical Teal is gorgeous. I would call it more turquoise than teal, but let's not quibble over semantics. It's a gorgeous shimmery blue-green leaning more towards the blue. Nice application in three coats, thin formula and an absolute minimum of brush strokes for a shimmer.

Next up, my poor stubby little nails post Disaster. Promise not to laugh? Seriously - promise!

Awwwww - look at the poor wee things. Awesome colour though. It's funny the things that nail polish colours make me think of, you'll never guess what comes to mind when I look at this colour.

I have Kermit nails!

Nice glossy creme, three coats and very sheer on the first two with a bit of dragging but by three it had a lovely finish to it. Of course it would look even better if my nails were longer. *sniff*

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  1. Green is my favorite nail color. I love you Kermit nails. Tropical Teal is also a lovely color on you. Sorry for your nail disaster. Your nails still look nice short. They grown back fast.