12 August 2009

Chanel Blue Satin

Here she is my pretties, cult fave Chanel Blue Satin:

Mmmmm, she's so pretty. And application was a dream, very nearly one coat, although there was more depth of colour from two. The only thing that gave me problems was the lid, the square lid pulls off to reveal a smaller lid more reminiscent of your standard polish bottle lid, but it was a little on the short side making holding it a wee bit fiddly.

It was always a given that I was going to love this colour. I mean it's a blue/black with shimmer. And it really is utterly gorgeous. In anything but the darkest of lights the blue shines through in that lit from within way that's always a winner. It's like someone crushed up sapphires and embedded them in black glass.

So, the verdict: Are the rave reviews of this right? Hell yeah! Application and colour are both stunning. Is it worthy of its cult status? I think so. Would I pay the full price of NZ$40.00 a bottle? Hell no! As much as I love the top end brands, I have a limit of NZ$25.00 for a bottle of polish, and the best application and colour in the world aren't going to convince me that anything more than that is worth the money. What about you my pretties? What's your maximum spend on a bottle?


  1. The most I have ever spent on a bottle of NP was $16.00 for a Lippmann. And I think I only did that because I was on vacation and in spend mode. Usually though, I'm hard pressed to go over like $8.00 a bottle.

  2. Oh that is such a lovely colour! It looks quite similar to Nails Inc Chesham Street I think.
    I never have the money to buy really expensive NP but the most I'd spend is for a Nails Inc which are £10.50 (approx NZ$26.00)but it would have to REALLY nice!

  3. i really love this color but cannot bring myself to spend so much on it :( *tear haha i must worship from afar haha, looks gooood on you!

  4. I've never bought Chanel, Dior or the likes of them. I have bought Nars Orgasm polish and some Lippmann and Rescue Beauty Lounge. I guess I might spend the money for the more expensive brands if I really love the color. I haven't really seen anything that I wanted that badly.

  5. As much as I love this colour I would never have spent the full NZ$40.00 per bottle for it, but it was basically half price so how could I say no!