13 August 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: let them eat lip balm

When I'm shopping for beauty products packaging is way down the list of factors that influence my spending. Sure I love me some pretty packaging, goodness knows I blog about it enough, but when it comes to actually handing over the credit card I'm not going to let it sway me. Still, this is sweet:

That is the Tokyomilk Let Them Eat Cake Bon Bon Lip Balm, US$12.00 from Beautyhabit. That's one box you wouldn't be throwing out once you'd removed the product!


  1. That is a pretty box. Now I have another place to check out. Your determined to make me spend more money. I do a pretty good job all on my own!

  2. I must admit that since I started writing this blog my spending has gone up a bit!