12 August 2009

Hauls, hauls and more hauls

It's been a busy few days for our courier dude, what with all the pretties that keep turning up on my doorstep.

First some Creative polishes bought from TradeMe (in three separate lots):

Look at that rainbow of colours, so pretty. Left to righ: Make a Wish, Kumquat Dahlia (best name ever, even if it doesn't make any sense), Porcelain Doll, Replenish, Rejoice, Aqua Jet, Blue Nirvana and Blue Blood.

Next some polishes from Transdesign:

Left to right: China Glaze LOL, China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out, Orly Tiki Time minis (Teeny Bikini, Calypso Breeze, Sol Cabana, Mint Mojito), China Glaze Lubu Heels and Entity Blue.

And finally, a parcel from Eyeko, which yet again had problems with a leaky polish bottle but I didn't lose too much of the polish this time thank goodness:

At back: Saucy Red Polish (for naughty nails), Punk Polish (for neon nails, and the leaky one!) and Pretty Polish (for neat nails). Middle: Minty Fat Balm, Strawberry Fat Balm and Raspberry Fat Balm. Front: Touch Up & Go Concealer and Touch Up & Go Highlighter.

I am such a fan of Eyeko's stuff, the products are adorable and reasonably priced AND international delivery is FREE! So I can totally justify ordering stuff now instead of waiting till we go to England next year. I was so impressed with the Strawberry Fat Balm I bought last time that I ordered another tube (along with the other two colours) for 13 Year Old Daughter. Like me she now carries it around with her everywhere. The Raspberry Fat Balm is a little darker than I was expecting, but I read in one of Eyeko's recent Tweets that they've just changed it and the colour is now a little more subtle (pic here). Which of course means that I'll have to order that too, but that's fine because they also Tweeted that they have a new range of polishes coming out soon in Cosmic, Vintage, Lilac, Coral, Purple and Nude, so obviously I'll be ordering those anyway!


  1. Love all the polishes. Can't wait to see them all swatched. Your going to be very busy. I didn't realize how behind I am in reading all the blogs. I don't want to miss any postings. I love all the stuff from Eyeko. I hope they ship to the states. I love the polish and the lip balms. I have lip balms stashed all over the place.

  2. I'm pretty sure Eyeko will ship to the States, their stuff is so adorable and well priced.

    I'm like you, so very far behind in my blog reading. My unread count on Google Reader has been 1000+ for quite some time, I shudder to think what the figure actually is. Sometimes I just turn off the unread count because it stresses me out to think how many posts I have to read!