11 August 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Cocktail Hour Swing Dress

Here's another possibility for my little brother's wedding:

My heart actually leapt when I saw this dress, it's so deliciously girly and pretty and retro. I love the bow at the back, the full 12 gore skirt and the cut of the bodice which would make my - *ahem* - bazoongas look pretty bodacious quite frankly, while still being relatively modest because of the simple black cotton underlay.

US$149.00 from mybabyjo.com and also available in royale blue, red, gold and for a limited time black, but I have to say I'm in love with the pink especially for a summer wedding.


  1. I NEED THIS @__@
    Wonder if it would be cheaper to get it made or something?

  2. Probably not, considering how much fabric goes into it!

  3. Now that is one hell of a gorgeous dress! I say buy it and take pictures and post them here. I also love the bow. I wore a dress in a style similar to this when I was around 15 or so. I was always very voluptuous. I think it was an old dress of my Mother's. Well I went on some class trip to the State Police Training Center and Barracks. Why we went I'll never know. We went in the barracks and there were lots of cadets there. I got plenty of attention and smiles. Little did they know I was underage. My Mother didn't know what I wore that day. She was little (4'11") and I was 5'5" and could wear her clothes. She almost killed me for wearing her stuff because it made me look over 18. I was always borrowing her things. She left for work before my bus came. Sorry that was a long story. I hadn't thought of that in years.

  4. Lucy that is such a funny story! You naughty girl :D Your mother was 1 inch shorter than me. 13 Year Old Daughter can wear my clothes as they swim on her, although we're the same height she's a slim wee thing and I'm more curvaceous. She just sticks to borrowing my shoes. And jewellery. And makeup. And bags.

  5. Oops, that was meant to read '13 Year Old Daughter CAN'T wear my clothes' - trying to type carefully because of the wet nail polish!