10 August 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: in which I relive my childhood

When I was a little girl I loved Barbie. I mean LOVED. I had several Barbies, and a bike, and a horse (which I constructed a stable for) and, best of all, the Barbie Townhouse which had a lift and a working light. All these years later I still love the girliness of Barbie and all her pretty outfits. When 13 Year Old Daughter was little I got great joy out of buying her Barbies, and I was very sad when she grew out of them and we gave all her Barbie stuff away.

Which brings me to today's pretty:

That's the Pauls Boutique Loves Barbie Customised Patent Twister Bag from asos. Yes it's a wee bit silly, but compared to some of the other bags on offer in the range it's positively restrained and I do like the pink Barbie head silhouette. £80.00 from asos.


  1. I like! My mum was very anti Barbie but I rebelled!

    I;ve tagged you for something on my blog by the way...take a look to see what.

  2. I love Barbie! I even bought one of the Stila Barbie cans with the makeup. I still have my old Barbie and 1 Barbie head. My cousins lost the body. I let them borrow my Barbies for a couple of weeks. Never again! Barbi is in a sad state and so are her clothes. I love that handbag. It's also just the style bag I like. I can't wear shoulder bags, they just slide off. Your never too old for Barbie.

  3. Lucy I love the idea of you having a disembodied Barbie head! I gave all mine away many many years ago, which is kind of a shame when I think back to the cool 70's clothes she had.

  4. Love bags myself.Anywhere any shop I just have to see the bag collection.That is what also caught my attention and this is beautiful one too.