03 August 2009

Now I know what I'm going to do with all my old lighters

I've been three weeks smoke free now, my pretties. Yay me! The funny thing is, when I was smoking I could never for the life of me find a cigarette lighter. Now that I am no longer in need of one it turns out I have, like, dozens of the bloody things.

MetalsandThread on Etsy have come up with the clever way to recycle the old cigarette lighters they find in the street:

MetalsandThread say: "A sustainable and artistic approach was used to make these pop art jewelry pieces. The lighters were found on the street and were carved, sanded, shaped and finally filled at the top with acrylic to finish the look."

US$17.50 each from MetalsandThread. I do hope they don't use any sort of heat when making them though because, you know, BOOM!

1 comment:

  1. Your so funny! Good idea to get rid of the trash in the street. I'm amazed at what others will come up with.